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Beauty Beyond the Scars is a non-profit 501c3 serving the greater Memphis area as well as around the world. The organization was founded by Ponya Dodson who is a survivor of Domestic Violence, abuse, and loss. Her beauty for ashes testimony played a major role in the vision behind Beauty Beyond the Scars.   Ponya made the vow that she would go to work to help spread the message of Resurrection, Restoration, and Redemption around the world and to be an example to show others that if God could bring her out of her dark place that He could do the exact same for others. 


Our Mission
As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way...
Mary Anne Radmacher

Our Mission

Beauty Beyond the Scars was designed to aid individuals and their family members that are currently in or have experienced Domestic Violence, Abuse, or Loss.
Our Mission: is to help provide an opportunity for healing, restoration, emotional resurrection, and redemption in Memphis, Tn. and around the world by rendering resources such as safety awareness seminars, educational enrichment workshops, counseling, teenage parenting workshops, de-escalation workshops for

(law enforcement agencies, individuals, educational organizations). We will provide financial literacy workshops as well as support, as we take a spiritual foundational approach, ensuring that no matter what SCARS you may be wearing there is still beauty and you can live an effective life, ultimately empowering our participates to find strength that they too can make a difference in the lives of others that have scars.

Image by Ransford Quaye
Image by Ransford Quaye

Our Vision

Our vision with Beauty Beyond the Scars is to bring awareness to Domestic Violence and provide effective services and assistance that focus on enabling victims of domestic abuse to leave the cycle of violence by gaining independence in order to  avoid reoccurrence of abuse in their lives. 

Our goal is also to provide assistance by helping to service the community by being a beacon of light in a sometimes difficult situations.

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